And we’re back

Fields mowed, holes dug, driveway’s scraped. Water hole dug deeper, bath tubs located, wildlife communed with. All in all, a decent time although cut short by a day for other events. Trip up on Wednesday was slow. Truck was way way overloaded, with the pooper, the land plane, the fence, posts, mower, tools Way […]

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Almost ready

Truck is packed to the gills with fence, posts, gear and equipment. Trailer will be picked up tomorrow, the land plane and porta-pooper loaded tomorrow night. Wednesday morning we start the trek home if the truck will let me, and will spend nearly a week ‘up on the hill’ takin’ care of business. Sleeping out […]

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While we wait

Engraver is going, finishing touches on the porta-pooper, stuff. 130 CFM exhaust fan hooked into the motion sensing circuit…you go in, it comes on. 1 minute after you leave, it goes off after making sure most of your lingerings are gone. Drilled in 3 vents along the outside for more flow. Keep a handle on […]

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A nice place to visit

With a lot of places you go, it’s nice to have a place to rest your soul. Gene’s Johns aren’t always up to the task. A lot of folks are ‘Well…I can wait”. Don’t think I haven’t been there. Squatting over a hole in the ground isn’t always the easiest method. Driving someplace else to […]

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