CiderKraut, what is it?

An idea.

Getting families together. We used to. Then we didn’t. Why?

Because we thought we outgrew each other? Because family left? Because family passed? Because.

No longer.

Call it what you’d like, just be there.

CiderKraut. CiderKraut Festival. CiderKraut Party. CiderKraut Get Together.

Miller. Keith. Family. Friends.

All together in one place.

Doing what family did, and will now continue to do, together.

The Miller family made apple cider in the fall. Apples from the family farm in Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania, were ground and pressed into some of the best tasting cider on the planet. It didn’t last very long though, usually within a month or so it was all gone. 30+ gallons of cider consumed, and the wait for next fall started over. Saving it in a freezer these days lets you taste that freshness all year long. But eventually you run out.

The Keith family made sauerkraut using locally grown cabbage, usually in late October. It was the women prepping the heads of cabbage for cutting while the men cut and stomped. It made it’s appearance at the New Years eve party at grandma and grandpa’s house, and you could smell it cooking as soon as you walked in. It was as close to heaven as you’ll get on earth. Luckily, you can freeze it and have it all year long. Eventually you run out, and nothing else even comes close.

In 2016, we got a few family members together and combined the traditions. Just to see how it would work out. Old and young, nearly 80 years separated the oldest from the youngest. 100 pounds of cabbage and nearly 1000 pounds of apples met their fate.  We had a cook-out like we used to. We talked, we remembered, we played, we had a great time. We were once again family. And we decided that it needed to happen again.

In 2017, we cast the net a wee bit wider. We decided it should be a full family gathering; an ‘event’ whose time has come.  Almost 50 invitations have been sent and handed out. Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Seconds, Once-Removed’s and Children’s Children have been invited. Even a few family friends.

A bigger venue is being prepped: The Miller family homestead in Cherry Tree is the site for this years event. The field up on top of the hill will provide more than enough room to host this event, with ease of access in and out being worked on starting this July.

We’ll be making it a bit more comfortable with a full featured ‘outhouse’ and over 500 square feet of covered space to work under and a substantial fire ring to sit around and stay toasty. Tables, chairs, chafing dishes to keep food warm. Solar lighting all day, and all night. Electricity for food heating will be supplied by a generator up until 6pm.

We’ll have both 2016 vintage apple cider and sauerkraut served up for the picnic. That, along with your own favorite covered dish, the feast we’ll have after we finish pressing and stomping will satisfy even the heartiest appetite.

After 6PM, we quiet things down a bit and stoke up the fire. Until 9, share stories, toast a marshmallow and build a s’more, or pile up another plate and chow down.

Come to the 2nd Annual CiderKraut event October 14th, 2017. We start receiving friends at 12 noon, and the party begins at 1PM. You’ll be glad you came.

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