While we wait

Engraver is going, finishing touches on the porta-pooper, stuff.

130 CFM exhaust fan hooked into the motion sensing circuit…you go in, it comes on. 1 minute after you leave, it goes off after making sure most of your lingerings are gone. Drilled in 3 vents along the outside for more flow. Keep a handle on your shorts…this thing really moves some air.

Put up a gutter on the back of the ‘stall’. Drilled in a removable pipe for collecting some of the rain to pour into the water barrel that feeds the porta-pooper. Things go right, most of the rain collected will keep the barrel full. Pull the pipe out for traveling light.

Outhouse door sign is done as well. Bit of humor along with a dose of “don’t tell’, don’t care”. It’s a shitter….no one cares. Shit in the pit and ‘git. Spork the rest.

Generator took a poo. The big un’ decided that the copper in the windings that produce the power was better in one lump, than in the hundreds of individual strands like it was manufactured. Replacement parts don’t exist for a 20yr old generator.  Doesn’t work that way and I can’t fix it.  So…we’re down to 3000 Watts. Enough to run the apple grinder and a crock pot. Not much else. I’ll add another set of chafing dishes to the ‘get some’ list.

Anyway, stuff until more stuff happens.

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