Almost ready

Truck is packed to the gills with fence, posts, gear and equipment. Trailer will be picked up tomorrow, the land plane and porta-pooper loaded tomorrow night. Wednesday morning we start the trek home if the truck will let me, and will spend nearly a week ‘up on the hill’ takin’ care of business. Sleeping out under the stars again…I can’t wait.

Push mowing the area for the party, bush-hogging the rest of the field, cutting some more fence line of trees and brush. Getting the spring in the center of the field more defined in area, find the beginning, make an end. Dam it up if possible, make a pond, at least a deeper hole that doesn’t drain all over the place and doesn’t make a field full of soup when it rains. I got the tractor stuck last time…as 4″+ of rain overnight made things a bit interesting. I don’t look forward to doing that again.  Took me an hour plus to dig that mess out, and that didn’t include fixing the ruts I’ll take care of this week.


Start work on the new access road, work on repairing the existing road and both right of ways just in case the new road falls through; all simple tasks with the right equipment. Just going to take time.  I’ve got 12 days of vacation time to do 25 days of work before the party…I think I’ll be just fine.

The contractor for the new road still hasn’t given me a price…3 weeks now. I’ll look for another local guy while I’m there. Yellow pages just ain’t what they used to be, neither are contractors. If you know a guy with a tracked bobcat or hoe, let me know. They could stand to make a bit of cash, right?

Nothing else until I get back on the 2nd of August. More photo’s when I do.

Until then…peace and quiet and what I’ll call ‘Farm Zen’ until someone comes up with a better way to explain it.


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