And we’re back

Fields mowed, holes dug, driveway’s scraped. Water hole dug deeper, bath tubs located, wildlife communed with. All in all, a decent time although cut short by a day for other events.

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Trip up on Wednesday was slow. Truck was way way overloaded, with the pooper, the land plane, the fence, posts, mower, tools Way too much. 55mph was about all I managed, and it took over 3/4 of a tank to get up there.

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Once set up, things happened fast. Walk home to get the tractor and the first of 2 trips for implements. Land plane was on the trailer, so the bush hog was up first. Cleaned up an area for the pooper and the vacation spot, took the mower across it twice to get it to ‘barefoot’ height. Location will be where the party is, so we threw down some grass seed as well…maybe it’ll be a carpet come October. Dug a hole for the pooper’s output. Life was looking good!

IMGP2056 (1280x857)

IMGP2059 (1280x857)

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With everything for the homefront ready to use, we took to getting some of the field taken care of. About 1/3 per day seemed to get things done. 1/3rd Wednesday, 1/3rd Friday before the rain and the last bit Saturday after the rain ended. Thursday was driveway maintenance. Cousin’s driveway looks new, and the ‘other’ access road is looking better. Picked up a drain pipe Saturday while the field dried and installed it Sunday as a “might as well do something today” after breakfast with mom. ┬áRoad is a bit soupy with just dirt over old reddog, but it’s usable for a 4×4. Should dry out a bit and be usable for anything other than bald tired cars or trucks.

IMGP2075 (1280x857)

Lastly…while digging out the watering hole, we ran across Barb’s bath tub. Been in there a while, complete filled with mud, and about 12″ below the surface. It’s out now, and actually still holds water. Currently located in the top left of the field if you’re looking to clean up a bit. The water hole is now about 5′ or so deep and only a few feet wide. It’s deceiving, but please don’t fall in. It will be way too funny NOT to have on tape.

So, another few days feeling the zen and back to reality. Not a good reality as there are some new changes happening, but a reality nonetheless. Life goes on. Always has, always will.


4 thoughts on “And we’re back

  1. We see the mower but could not figure out waht the LANDPLANE was unless that was Big Yeller.
    dick & jane

    1. Land plane is the orange box attached to the tractor. It “planes” the ground to make it flat. The teeth on it dig up dirt and gravel to fill in the holes as well.

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