….and we’re gone

By the time most of you read this, I’ll already be on my way home. List is getting bigger, wallet is getting smaller, but things are getting done. It’s got to get done. This isn’t about right now. It’s about tomorrow. I’m not doing this because I need or want to do it. I’m doing it because […]

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Here we go again!

Get ready….get set…. Another week, and we’ll be back up doing more preparation for the party.  Add to that all the stuff that I’ll need for a week’s worth of hard labor, and I’ve got another truck and trailer load coming north. Bringing up stuff that we’ll need to ‘survive’ in style, as well as […]

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Bring your appetite!

If you go away hungry, you were never there to start with. 100 hotdogs, 100 burgers, 75 kielbasa links, a gallon or so of last years kraut, a big tray of Jimmy’s Sweet Beans(*) will be in the trays waiting for the meal to start. Add into this mix all the covered dishes and deserts, […]

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Something to guide your way.

Some folks spend their entire lives waiting for a sign. These may not be the signs they’re looking for…but October 14th, follow these and you’ll have a great time while still looking for your own. There will be signs very similar to these at the entrances to the event, along with a 7 sign set […]

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