Something to guide your way.

-786Days -10Hours -41Minutes 00Seconds

Some folks spend their entire lives waiting for a sign.

These may not be the signs they’re looking for…but October 14th, follow these and you’ll have a great time while still looking for your own.

There will be signs very similar to these at the entrances to the event, along with a 7 sign set done up in the tradition of old Burma Shave signs. It’ll make the last few hundred yards a bit of fun.

If you have the invite with the map, follow it to the farm, then follow the signs.  If you’re a Miller or Keith relative, and you’ve not yet been invited, best get contac-tin’ a Miller or Keith relative! You can send me a comment below, and we’ll get you vetted and ‘vited.

I’ll be up again on the 1st of September for another week of work. Still lots to get ready, still lots to get in place before October. Grass is gonna need mowed 😉

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