Bring your appetite!

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If you go away hungry, you were never there to start with.

100 hotdogs, 100 burgers, 75 kielbasa links, a gallon or so of last years kraut, a big tray of Jimmy’s Sweet Beans(*) will be in the trays waiting for the meal to start. Add into this mix all the covered dishes and deserts, as well as all the snacky food that will show up at the party, there will be enough food to feed a small town. Water and soda’s will be in larger containers, so “pour your own” instead of bottles/cans will cut down on the trash we generate.

If you do somehow manage go away hungry, and I’m not sure how that would be possible, I bought a box of covered styrofoam ‘take-home’ trays so you don’t have to be hungry the next day.

There will be 7 full size chafing dishes available if you bring something that needs kept warm. Toss your favorite dish in a 9×13 or 7×13 disposable aluminum foil tray, and we’ll put them in a chafing chamber to keep them warm. A crock-pot can be plugged in, but there will be limited electricity from generator(s) while we’re grinding apples. ┬áChafing dishes are quiet and cheap. Plus you can use them year after year.

And that is my intention…to use them year after year.

This event is permanent on my calendar, as it should eventually be on yours. The second Saturday in October, rain or shine or snow, will be the set date for CiderKraut. If we have to invite friends and neighbors in addition to family to keep it growing, so be it. This event, and the activities included with it, need to be preserved for future generations. The ability to get family, friends, neighbors and community together is seemingly a lost tradition. I aim to change that. If I have to mow the field, sheave the corn or move the cows…we’re having this every year.

Mark your calendar for 13th of October 2018 just as soon as they start printing 2018 calendars. Then mark October 12th 2019, October 10th 2020, October 9th 2021… ad infinitum. If it’s the second Saturday in October and you’re not at Ciderkraut, you’re missing a great time.

(*) Untrademarked, all rights reserved for dinner, use sparingly, for internal use only, topical application is not recommended, may cause flatulence and marital discord, do not use near fire or flame, processed in a facility that is nuts. Actually, it’s steak, bacon, beans, maple and brown sugar, and you will not be able to eat just one serving. Just a warning ahead of time.

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