Here we go again!

Get ready….get set….

Another week, and we’ll be back up doing more preparation for the party.  Add to that all the stuff that I’ll need for a week’s worth of hard labor, and I’ve got another truck and trailer load coming north. Bringing up stuff that we’ll need to ‘survive’ in style, as well as pre-staging stuff for October.

Friday the 1st is the start of another 10 days searching for peace and enlightenment. We’ll verify and pay for the equipment rental, and verify the arrival of the gravel delivery, both set to be dropped off Monday the 4th.  Drop off the items needed to store until the week of the party, and set up the temporary homestead up on the hill. Mow the grass at the tent site and get the portapooper in place. Going to try to use the spring and get the water barrel filled. Use the pump/filter system to get out the bugs, then bleach it for tasty goodness. Nothing like showering in spring water disguised as a public swimming pool.

Kubota needs it’s fluids changed. We’ll do that Saturday morning at the latest, if Friday doesn’t pan out with a seamless schedule of events. Once the blood is back in the ‘bota, bring up the leveler to make sure the road in is in decent enough shape to get the deliveries done Monday. Then bring up the mower deck to start hogging the field later in the week and bucket/hoe to do the fine digging. So many trips, so little place to securely store things on the hill.  Oh well…eventually.

Plans are to be ready to start cutting in the road on Monday, push all the debris from the boat shed, the tractor building and the remains of the barn into the foundation area to be turned to charcoal. Need to move all the broken glass and the car as well. Once that’s all out of the way, we’ll level the area from where the back of the barn was down to the current driveway. Once the stone is delivered, we’ll spread it and compact the living daylights out of it to make the new road into the field, as well as the right of way access down to 219. In/out from now on will be easy-peasy! Toss down some seed, throw some straw over it and watch the pretty green grass grow. With that area cleaned of crap, Ray will have more yard for Sam to mow.

Weather dependent, I might toast the brush pile as well so I can use the rental equipment to move the ashes. If I get bored, we might even make a bigger pond area since I’ll have 75 horsepower worth of excavator instead of a 22 horsepower lawnmower. I’ve rented it for the whole week…might as well get my use out of it.

Missus is supposed to be coming up the following weekend, bringing the puppies with her. They’ve been cooped up in my back yard for nearly 5yrs…time for them to get used to a big open field. We’ll have a pretty good sized area temporarily fenced in for them, to keep them safe until they’re trusted on their own. Toss in a spare tent, they’ll be living in luxury for a few days til we take them back home. Kayleigh will be running the Kubota with the mower attached to get used to cleaning up the field. It’s gonna be hers as well, so she needs to get used to it eventually. It’ll give her something to do, so she can find her zen as well.

Soon….very soon. We’re dwindling down the days. Only 54 days left until we start planning for CiderKraut 3!

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