Yup, fireworks

At a minimum, a start the event out volley of 7 shells, and an end the evening volley of much larger shells. Not commercial shells. That would be too easy. Nope…homemade 2″ and 3″ mortars with at least a 200′ height. Green, pink and yellow sparklies. Huge boom and flash. Maybe some smaller crackers in […]

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See you at the fair. Gonna go watch how real farmers have fun. Remind myself why small town life has remained one of the things I want to return to when I grow up. Smile. It’s what shows the world you’re happy. (or haven’t yet had enough coffee to be able to talk…either/or)

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It starts with an idea

Something we’ve been dealing with for as long as I can remember. The kraut cutter…coordinating the holding of it over the tray, using nothing more than your chest to keep it in place while using your arms to push the carriage back and forth has always been ‘fun’ and an art in itself. The super […]

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One last thing…

Always one last thing. This trips one ‘last’ thing was one completely nice day. Of course, it’s the day I’m packing up to go home. Rain I think 9 of the 10 days I spent up on the hill. No matter, things still happened. Sheds and barn remnants were pushed into the old foundation, a […]

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