It starts with an idea

Something we’ve been dealing with for as long as I can remember. The kraut cutter…coordinating the holding of it over the tray, using nothing more than your chest to keep it in place while using your arms to push the carriage back and forth has always been ‘fun’ and an art in itself. The super sharp blades just this || far from making your fingers part of the next batch. And, eventually, folks are just waiting on you to finish juggling so they can start their part of the process. Now that we’ve opened up the job to all ages and relations, it’s time to make it a bit safer, keep Darwin away from out side of the party for a while and speed up the process.

Enter my mind. It’s crowded in there and it’s never quiet. When I should be sleeping, it’s running full blast. Dad used to imagine a blank sheet of paper. He’s concentrate on it, and fall asleep in seconds. Me, not so much. If I even imagine blank paper, I need to fill it with ideas. I roll ideas, scenario and ‘stuff’ through it constantly. Sometimes I put it on paper. Notebooks abound in many forms, again, just like dad did. I’d challenge most folks to make sense of them.

So, a trip to the store, gather tools, measure stuff and start making pieces. Little glue, a few screws, a few screw-ups, and a solution is born.

Introducing the kraut kutter torture table.  The kraut cutter fits in a slot just under the back of the cabbage bin on the front, it sits flat on the block just in front of the seat. There are 2 slots on the front 2 posts to accept the tray…slide it in and out without moving anything but the tray. Should be enough room for everyone, and it simplifies the process to the point even a Miller can do a Keith’s job. Just like I did with the Miller cider press last year for the Keiths’. Just need to keep the fingers attached to their respective hands. Well…most them, that is. First Aid kit is already packed.

26 days until another batch of memories you’ll hold for a lifetime. I’m biased, but I think it’s worth it.


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