Yup, fireworks

At a minimum, a start the event out volley of 7 shells, and an end the evening volley of much larger shells.

Not commercial shells. That would be too easy. Nope…homemade 2″ and 3″ mortars with at least a 200′ height.

Green, pink and yellow sparklies.

Huge boom and flash.

Maybe some smaller crackers in the mix.

First test tonight was a success. I got what I expected, and more. Simple, safe and SWEET!!! Not bad for cardboard tubes, a few ‘household’ chemicals and some gentle mixing. HA!

Whoever said “I’ll never use that after I graduate” was mostly right. But to the guy that blew up the high school chemistry lab and graduated at the top of study hall…it’s just another Wednesday afternoon.

Here, hold my cider and watch this!

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