It’s a wrap!

It’s over. For this year, anyway.

To all who braved the 80 degree day and unbearable sunlight as a last minute tease from Mama Nature, I thank you.

The weather, as mentioned, was perfect. Warm, sunny, bit of a breeze. Perfect weather for a June or August day, but rare in October. No one argued.

For all those who slaved over a hot apple grinder, spun themselves dizzy on a press and got stung by the veritable army of yellow jackets and sliced both fingers and cabbage: A HUGE THANK YOU! To those young enough to NOT need ‘social’ media in their lives yet, tell them thank you for being both the reason for us continuing this tradition, and the best entertainment and labor force we could ask for. Without the kids, this won’t last much longer. That they were still interested a second time, I’ll consider that a win. A third time? We can only hope.

Lots of photo’s have been posted, we’ll set up a page for them here shortly. I’ll link it here, , Facebook and wherever else it needs posted. Send the link to family that didn’t attend, your friends, and folks who need to remember their own families. Not everyone makes cider or kraut, but they’ve got to have some family tradition that needs passed on. Let them know it’s OK…they can do it! If a semi-trained illiterate monkey like me can get a family together, they should have no problems gathering their own crowd.

Sadly, I way over-estimated attendance, way over-bought meats, way under estimated sides and snacks, but hopefully no one went home hungry. The critters at the house have been eating hotdogs, kielbasa and burgers since I got back. I don’t think the dogs been able to move since Tuesday though, so it’s gotta be the cats and chickens finishing off the beans and meats. At least I didn’t leave that much more food in the field for the wildlife. The deer will be eating apple peelings and cabbage bits for the next month as it is.  But, we’ll modify the feeding methods for attendee’s for next year so we don’t waste so much. Definitely not feeding the dogs that well again next year.

We’ve already started working towards more ‘things’ to do next time. Something to keep all ages involved, not just the kids. Thoughts and planning towards next years fireworks have already begun. I think I got the ‘bug’ now, since at least I know I can still make things go boom. And since I finally learned to NOT hold onto them as they’re exploding, I plan on a much larger ‘show’ next year. With things that resemble ‘real’ fireworks that explode and sparkle, ‘interactive’ with input from the hard working kids…let them set things off next year. (Parents: meaning electronically, and at a safe distance…I Promise!). Mr. Bodnar would approve 😉

One thought on “It’s a wrap!

  1. Thanks again for the invite and entertainment. Always nice to see a family getting together, even if it is only once a year. I am looking forward to next year and will make sure I have the day off so the hubby & kids can come and enjoy. Let me know if I can help in any way. Thanks again!!

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