Planning for 13 October 2018

Yeah, that far out. Gotta start it sometime, might as well be while I’m working 7 day, 60hr weeks, right? Not like I have anything else to do for the next 11 months.

Facilities: We’re working on it. Something a bit more substantial than a few canopy and tarps would be nice, but they worked perfectly. Maybe a bit better placement of the things, but we had enough to keep things high and dry, with a bit of shade to boot. Turn them 90 degrees to where they were located, we’ll have shade a bit longer. Another side tarp to enclose things a bit, but otherwise what we had worked very well. Unless I can get a building put up before the next one, we’ll be using the same setup.  A step for the porta-pooper has been requested, to assist with access. No problem, and we’ll take care of that. Otherwise, we had nearly everything we needed except more people.

Attendance: Not sure how I can ‘fix’ that outside of what I’m doing now. Invite, get the word out and ‘advertise’ to family as much as possible. Until we go national, we can only get who want to come. It’s a shame, but family ain’t for everyone. I get it, but I don’t get it. Not like you have to sit in their lap all day…more than enough folks to talk to so you don’t have to talk to the ones you don’t want to.  We’ve got more addresses in the book for next year, maybe up the numbers a few. If you have relatives that didn’t come, politely ask them to come next year. Send me a note to put their addresses on the list. Invites will go out in late spring for your summer planning.

Entertainment: Yeah, no. There’s enough going on, that if you’re bored, you’re not doing anything but sitting and watching. If you’re bored, get off yer assets and do something to help.

Apples: Hopefully we can get a large chunk of them from OUR trees next time. Pruning them this spring didn’t help, but they badly needed it. The late frost didn’t help either. We’ll decide come August if we can use them or not. Will add ‘pickin’ to the list of things to do ahead of time, otherwise lets hope the price doesn’t go up again next year. Remind me to start planting more new trees in the spring.

Cabbage: Unless I get some field planted in the spring, we’ll be buying it. Based on the past few batches, it would be very hard to improve on the quality of kraut we get from the cabbage we purchase. And, seriously, the cost of buying local…hard, and I mean VERY hard to beat at pennies a pound

Food: Way too much went to the puppies, puddies and chickens. And that’s just the stuff that came back home with me. The deer, fox, coyote, mountain lions and bobcat are probably still lying up there trying to move after such a good meal. Way too much food wasted, and we’ll adjust accordingly. More on that in other updates, but it could include we supply buns, you supply meats. Definitely the ability to cook up there, but we’ll figure it out. If I just planned for 20, we’d have had 200. Since I planned for 100, well…bit less on the menu planning for next time.

Fireworks: I’ve got $300 worth of chemicals, fuse and containers at the house waiting for spring. (can’t build fireworks in the winter with the static electricity = boom). Enough to build several dozen (hundred/thousands?) 2″ and 3″ mortars in actual colors this year. Not just yellow and boom, but red, blue and green as well. (Strontium, barium and copper chlorides do the work). I’ll have a bigger rack of mortar tubes (up to 24 right now compared to the 14 a few weeks ago) for firing, more as these recycled cardboard tubes come available. Could be near 50 by the time fall comes along. Add in a few rockets complete with red glare, and explosions galore. There are 25 rockets at this point, might have more.  The big starting ‘gun’ will be a few hundred feet in the air next time, way too big to have on the ground again. Plus, the sound will travel further 😉 (what’s the sense in being obnoxious and noisy unless EVERYONE knows you’re obnoxious and noisy?). Jeeze, you’d think I knew what I was doing?!!! Hah, I’ll show you!

Access: Nothing changes here outside of the bathroom step. Access into and out of the property seemed to work well. No stuck vehicles, no horn honks to be towed up. I’d love to have a flat level place to hold it….but me living in WV now, PA is just another hill to walk. I knew there was a reason God gave me one leg shorter than the other.

All in all, lots to do and lots of time to get it done in. That’s why I’m starting now.

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