Time to get back to work

Here we are, part way into spring, and still dealing with snow. At least we’re getting water into the ground. If we can keep the temperatures stable, and not frost the buds off the trees, maybe we’ll be using our own apples this year? Let you know later.

Slowly coming out of hibernation after a messed up winter. Everything from a dead heat pump, reloading nearly 50,000 rounds of ammo, to a welcome increase in ‘work’ at my day job, things haven’t really slowed down. Still planning for October 13th this year. You should be as well. 2018 is gonna be wonderful.

Thoughts, and you’ll have to let me know your response: I have no problem getting all the necessary items to do the big event, but it’s really up to you if you want it ‘that’ big. Does it hurt to shave a few hours off of it? Make it longer? Camping weekend for the family?  We could also start it at 3 instead of 1. Choices, but it’s up to you. I’m there all week, and cleaning up the following day regardless. You gotta let me know tho.

Choice/Question 1:

Buy a full crate of apples this year or no? I’m bringing way too much cider home with me. It’s meant to share and very little is leaving with the visitors. I’ve also noticed that there were limited exchange of people ‘running’ the press. Either others need to get involved, or we’ll drop the amount of work necessary.. Yeah…I know…you like the kids worn out and asleep before they hit pavement, but.  But…eventually they’re gonna get tired and bored with ‘working’. They’ve got the rest of their lives to worry about…RIGHT NOW.  Not that I don’t have a use for the fruits of their labor, but I don’t want to wear them down to the point of not wanting to come back. Don’t want to have happen again what happened before. We ‘need’ this otherwise we lose it. Keeping the kids interested and involved is the only way to continue to do it.

Choice/Question 2:

Do we continue to do 150lbs of cabbage this year. I took well over 70lbs back with me. Probably closer to 100. Yes, I have a big freezer. It stores both the cider and the kraut until needed. Just hard to use that much kraut in a year. Yeah, the guys/gals at work love it. Yeah, we eat more than our fair share. But, if you want kraut you need to let me know. I don’t get home as much as I’d like to, so remind me you need it and I’ll get a delivery scheduled.  Gotta let me know though. Now that a few of you have figured out that we’re serious about making quality stuff, maybe you’ll ask for a bit more this time around? Otherwise, I’ll fatten up the folks at work.


Choice/Question 3:

Longer or shorter, later or earlier. Start at 3 instead of 1? Start at 9 instead of noon?  Fireworks are only after dark, but would you rather start it later in the day?  Doesn’t matter to me. Just means I can sleep in either day. I’m there regardless. YOUR schedule is the driving factor. Gotsta lemme know!

Other items as they’re happening….

I’m getting ready to ferment 5 gallons of last years batch into hard cider. Hopefully it’ll be served at this years event. If it turns out that is.  Maybe serving that to the kids will keep them returning for the next few years? If not, it’ll at least keep the parents there a bit longer, even if it’s just to sober up to drive. (I’m also brewing almost 6 gallons of beer…so maybe we can make it an all night thing?) Maybe Cherry Tree needs it’s own brewery? Certainly needs something, and in this day of smaller craft breweries, it’s pretty easy to get started.  Something to ponder for the move in 4yrs.

Praying ahead of time for warmer weather soon. Planning on a late May first visit to repair driveways, get some fence line in and the first mowing of the year. Weather and energy permitting, of course.

3 thoughts on “Time to get back to work

  1. I am flexible and good with whatever the majority votes on. I don’t take any cider or kraut and just come for the family time!!

  2. I thought what we did this year was fine time wise. i don’t have an opinion on kraut because I don’t like it. As far as cider goes maybe divide it up equally for whoever wants it. Maybe folks were afraid of taking to much. As far as I know the kids had a good time and enjoyed helping make the cider. They talk about it and are looking forward to doing cider again. Looking forward to our next cider event. Thanks jimmy for keeping this tradition going. Shirley

  3. My kids love this event as do I. Sorry I missed last year due to some jet lag from my conference. Kev and I will be available this year to help with the labor. The date is on the calendar!

    If you’re thinking fire works I vote we don’t start until 3pm.

    We always take cider, but never want to take too much…but it sounds as if we should take more. The kids and I love it! I don’t have an opinion on the amount of apples to buy, sorry I’m no help in that area.

    We do not take or eat the kraut so don’t count us in that order, but the kids do love making it!

    AND Hard Cider!!! I’m super excited about this adventure!! Chris and I make sangria with the apple cider we have frozen and they’re delicious!

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