Brewing Happiness

40ish bottles of beer on the wall…

Actually in cases, on the floor, but you get my drift.

2X bottles of a heavy black Irish Stout. 10 primed using honey, the remainder using the priming sugar. We’re gonna call it “Dirty Soxx Stout”

Still working on the label, but….

2X bottles of a very rich amber Nut Brown ale. Again, about 1/2-1/2 primed with sugar and the rest with honey. Aptly named “Rusty Nutt’s Honey Nutt Brown”

(*Priming= final fermentation and carbonation is done with sugars as the bottles are capped)

We’ll see what we end up with in a few weeks.

Sterilize everything, transfer from the kegs to the bottles, prime and cap. Store in a cool dry place, then chill and enjoy.

Cider starts in 2 weeks. Going to make 2 smaller batches to start, then move the best taste to the 6gal bucket and start over. Once finished, it’ll be moved to the keg to age until we serve it in October. Been reading aging does well for some ciders, not so well for others. As with all brewing, it’s a crapshoot even doing everything right. One reason I’m doing smaller batches ahead of time, rather than waiting until just before the event. Hopefully the keg will be a lot less full when we’re done for the evening.

Might do 3 samples, finish one with fresh blueberries before bottling and capping. The taste tester might need to test way too much ahead of time. Might all turn to vinegar and I’ll put Summer’s Eve out of business. No clue at this point. No clue at most points, but that’s why I am the way I am.

Tractor in WV being tuned up and grading up the driveway. Last time I’ll ever do it, as I plan to be gone from here in 4yrs. Since no one else wants anything to do with it, even folks with equipment and all day on the welfare dime to do it, so, once again it’s up to me.  Truck almost got stuck in one of the potholes, there was no longer a choice. We’ll do the road, fix the ditch, empty the pipe and be done with it. Adjust the valves on the tractor, check/change the fluids and we’re on the trailer to PA. For. The. Last. Time. Truck vs trailer/tractor weight ratio isn’t good on the truck. Especially when the rear is probably 1500lbs more than the front. Wag the dog anybody?


We’ll have 40+ aerial shells for the evening’s fireworks, maybe even some rockets for that whole ‘red glare’ ambiance. Have yet to start anything but the mortar bases, but building fireworks doesn’t take long. We’ll be ready well ahead of time. Lots of hot humid days ahead…perfect days for messing with static sensitive explosives. (seriously…too dry = sparks = picking Jimmy off the walls with tweezers. Humidity is my friend) if you’re interested in how it’s done.

Fun times ahead. All culminating October 13th. Plan to be there.

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