Almost done with the new grinder

A belt (ordered) and the remaining electrical wiring (done tonight) are all that’s left between apples and apple sauce.

Or pears. Or lemons. Or pitted peaches or cherries. Grapes not so much, but we’re darn sure gonna try it.

Might even try a head of cabbage in it. Just because I can.

I still have to come up with the lower support tray for the baskets, but that’s just lumber, some aluminum lining and more creativity.

But, from a thought, onto paper, into steel and wood…I think I rolled this idea through the process pretty well.

Just a matter of testing the thing.

Even made it a bit safer since we’re bringing in a much younger crowd, keeping body parts attached to what they’re supposed to be attached to. Guards over pulleys and belts, no exposed wires or hopefully sharp edges. You’ll still be able to stick your fingers down into the cutter if you’re so inclined. Just let me know if that’s your intention, so we can get the video camera set up and ready for your close up. And inclusion into the 2018 Darwin Awards  “Most Spectacular Appendage Removal” category. I hear competition is pretty tight this year, so….

This new ‘machine’ is a far cry from what we’ve used before, but the ol’ girl that’s kept us together for several generations will still be brought out for show. Once I rebuild the bearings, we might even use it again someday. But, for right now, she’s just a reminder of how we got here.

But for right now, we’re ‘stuck’ with just getting it done with ‘modern’ means.

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