Flux…or an update, I think

Sorry about the lack of posting. Things are a bit…well… they’re in a perfect state of controlled chaos. It might cause a bit of a problem with October, but it’ll be minimally apparent outside of the field not being perfectly manicured and possibly the fireworks ‘display’. October 13th, just like planned…we’ll be having the party, grass to your ass or not. I’ll have the party part of the field in good shape though. Might not be a plush carpet, but we won’t be the Fugawee Tribe either.

We’ll still have apples to grind and press. The new and old presses will be in service, one to ‘say goodbye’ and one to ‘welcome to the family’. Press will be running you in circles as normal. We’ll put the cider in 5gal buckets this time, and take what you need in the supplied bottles and jugs. The new grinder ‘might’ need some fine tuning, so we’re going to rely on the old one one last time. It works, just not as fast as the old one.  Cuts very fine, and juices nicely. Just not as fast…but we’ll work on that over the winter.

We’ll still have cabbage to cut, salt and stomp. The cutter and stomping will turn your arms to putty and your back to mush.

We’ll still have more food than you can eat, albeit not the same quantity. NOT going to pre-cook everything either. Someone will assist with grill duty, and there might be a slight wait for some grill items, but they’ll be fresh.

We’ll still have a great time, sun/snow, rain/dry and hopefully light during the day with gradual darkening towards evening. Certain things I am not capable of changing. Yet.

What we might not have is fireworks. MIGHT NOT…not 100% sure yet. 2 trailer rentals, 4800 miles worth of drive time to help move a friend might strap me a bit time wise. Just not going to have the time to mix/mold/pour or process the stuff this summer like I’d planned. And I’m not going to get stupid and try to hurry the process either. I’m not going to do another 6th grade Jimmy and homemade fireworks mistake, especially now with the magnitude of the stuff I’d been planning.  I like my 9.5 fingers just where they are.

I’ve just started the 6gal of hard apple cider. Just over 3 months should be enough to get it where it needs to go. It’s a process 😉 The 2 gallons I made a few months ago are aging nicely, and have a nice dry finish. Those are more ‘apple cider wine’ than anything right not, but still tasty enough to drink cold. No fizz, but still tasty. Once this batch finishes in a few weeks, we’ll settle it out and keg it. Once kegged, it’ll age until I ‘fizz’ it a few days before the party. Hopefully….hopefully…we end up with something drinkable and not 6 gallons of yeasty vinegar.

That, in a nutshell, is things as they are right now. Little will change except for everything that changes. Fun, fun and more fun.  More updates when they happen…or if they happen.

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