Alarm just went off, I’m up.

And back working towards things. Moving people, moving bones, freeing nerves, fixing vehicles, shaving dogs…everything but what needed to be done. But life is life, nap time is over, we’re back at it. Lots to do in the next 45 days.

Invitations are in the mailbox. Sorry. From waiting on addresses (amazing how many family do not have addresses for family) to getting the dam…bloody database to print correctly, it’s all on me for not getting them out earlier. I guess with the ease of connection to our kin we just don’t need addresses. Send them an internet Christmas card, quick call from anywhere at any time of the day or night, or ‘it’s only an hour, lets stop by’…I’m surprised addresses were that hard to come by. No worries…I have them in both paper and electronic version, and can add more for next years mailing. More than a 2 months ahead of time, I promise. Please let anyone family know it’s happening. They may/may not receive the invite only because they’re not on the list, not because we didn’t want them there.

First mowing this year will happen this Friday and Saturday. Of course, this all hinges on the truck making it up with the tractor attached. Just ended up rebuilding the rear end for the 2nd time in 2 months due to bad bearings. Hopefully Timken is better than Toyo(toilet) bearings. Will get minimal road work done, but we’ll at least make the drive passable. I saw it a few months ago…we’ll get it 100% in another few weeks. Need to get a good mow in, clean the wasps out of the porta-pooper and get the batteries hooked up so the solar can keep them charged up. Water barrel filled and the pump for the shower reconnected, make sure the groundhog hole we dump the ‘deposits’ into isn’t caved in. With some of the deposits you folks made last year, I’m pretty sure it’s not being used. Guessing noonish I’ll be getting home, depending on travel time, lawyer visit length and side trips if something shiny passes by.

Will get some stuff dropped off at the house, hook up the mower and drive it up to the field to mow some access and the tent space. Then we walk the mile home, drive the truck back with the camping goods and set up ‘home’ for the next 2 days. Then the field can get some needed attention. Hopefully just sweat and tears without the blood this time….but I’m a Miller…we bleed anyway. Lets us know we’re still alive. Why it’s green though….


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