Abject Failure

Yup, more or less a complete and total failure. That’s what my trip to the farm to do some work was.

Trip went well. Up was simple and painless. The new trailer handled the overload quite nicely, the electric brakes I installed living up to the effort. Stopping 2 extra tons of baggage wasn’t even noticeable. Stopped just like it did without anything attached. Pretty happy with that. The fact that the 2 tons was 1 ton over the trailer capacity was just icing. Caution: I tried this at home.

That’s where it started going south. Lawyer wasn’t at his office. Luckily, as the big stinky check was still on the kitchen counter. Will make a $100hr appointment for the afternoon of the 14th. Shiite.

Make it to Cherry Tree, offload the tractor, unhook the backhoe, rehook the brush-hog….shittttte. Please tell me I didn’t….yes I did. Crap. Poo. Feces. Sunny Beaches. Cork soaking feather plucking purd tolishing motherloving¬† snickeroons.¬† My weekend was over before I’d really even started. In a big way, too.

What DID manage to utterly fork up was the fact that I left the 3 point hitch gear hanging on the fence behind the truck. Yeah…what I needed to hook up the brush hog and use it was 160 miles away, right where I hung it so I wouldn’t forget it. Yep…forgot it. Yes, I could have driven to the closest Tractor Supply, Rural King and purchase the stuff to make it work, but why spend $$$ when I have the right stuff already…so what if it’s 3hrs away.

Just means a return trip on the 14th, and everything I’d planned on doing yesterday gets done then.

I did manage to remember the battery for the portapooper. Hooked it up (backwards at first, of course) to the solar panel, tested the exhaust fan, motion detector and lights. So, at least the lingering remainders of your visit won’t hang around for the next visitor. The place will need a bit of freshening up, inside just a normal cleaning and a tiny bit of paint on the outside where we’re peeling a bit. We’ve also got a pile-o-wasps (trademarked, copyrighted, patent pending, all rights reserved) to deal with the next trip. Luckily they’re all outside, and didn’t bother me this trip, but they’ll have to go.

Took a look at the apple trees while I was up there. Not saying we could make a 1000lb basket full to the top, but there are quite a few apples on the trees. They’re all rusty, so if we’d ever want to use them we’d need to spray in the early part of their growth, but they tasted pretty good. I was surprised since the last time I was up there I didn’t see blossom one, didn’t see buds, didn’t see baby apples. I saw green leaves and nothing else. That trimming last year did them good, and will probably do another one this fall. There sure are a lot of apples. Might have to do a commemorative gallon or 2 for hard cider, rust or not. Just to see what happens.¬† Will definitely being a few back and save the seeds for next years replanting. Hopefully they grow, as I’d love to fill the lower acre or 2 with new trees.

Other than that, we’re still getting stuff from here to there, getting there readier, and making full speed ahead until the 13th.

See y’unz there.


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