Sometimes it’s good to get a look from a different perspective, if for no other reason than to change the scenery. They say unless you’re the lead dog, the scenery never changes. Anywhere else in the pack…same view. All. Day. Long.

The view you’re used to on the right. The photo at the left is from the opposite side of the valley. It’s the field reclaimed by the mine that used to be there. They did a good job of returning it to something resembling natural. In a few decades, you’ll never know something like a coal mine was ever there. I like that. Will make a nice view over the coming years. (you can click on any photo to embiggenify them)

The day getting to the hill definitely started out different. My ‘normal’ route home was blocked by liquid. The photo is of the Potomac River….well…what decided to come up to take a look at the new bridge they’re building. The river is actually about 500′ or so straight ahead. 250′ or more on the other side of the railroad tracks. The ‘new’ bridge was only a few ‘ above the current water level. They’re not looking to raise the road though. Just the new bridge. The road is under about 3′ to 5’ of water. (yes, I tried it) As the alternate route is 10mi of backtracking and other road, I dipped the tires into it…until I got to the doorsill. Turn around, don’t drown.  Then backed up and went the ‘other’ way. 30min delay. No sense showing up on the Weather Channel as ‘that’ guy…”well…golly gee…I didn’t thunk ida been that deep”.


For what got done, and the time it took, you’d think I’d slept all weekend. It takes about 13-15hrs to mow the field if you’ve already cut it a few times. Slow gear, full throttle, first cut, more like 20hrs. Several areas, to include the party area, got cut 2 times with the bushhog and again this morning with the push mower. Probably going to be a plush carpet of deer poop installed in the next 2 weeks. Other areas…didn’t touch them. Not going to cut it either. The critters need someplace to hide, the bees are still out making what will get them through the winter, the deer fattening themselves up for the freezer.

One of the girls coming to see me first thing this morning. They were just coming back from getting a drink and eating some apples as I’m crawling out of the tent. They are NOT thin this time of year, and the one that had already run into the woods was looking like she ate all summer. She definitely didn’t attain her beach body this year. Lots of fresh new grass for them right now. They’re gonna need it in a few months. Thinking mother nature is gonna smack us hard. Hope I’m wrong, but just have ‘that’ feeling.

2 weekends from now, 13 days. I’ll be up there on and off from the 5th through the 15th. Lots to do, lots to do, lots to do.

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