Time to get back to work

Here we are, part way into spring, and still dealing with snow. At least we’re getting water into the ground. If we can keep the temperatures stable, and not frost the buds off the trees, maybe we’ll be using our own apples this year? Let you know later. Slowly coming out of hibernation after a […]

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Planning for 13 October 2018

Yeah, that far out. Gotta start it sometime, might as well be while I’m working 7 day, 60hr weeks, right? Not like I have anything else to do for the next 11 months. Facilities: We’re working on it. Something a bit more substantial than a few canopy and tarps would be nice, but they worked […]

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It’s a wrap!

It’s over. For this year, anyway. To all who braved the 80 degree day andĀ unbearable sunlight as a last minute tease from Mama Nature, I thank you. The weather, as mentioned, was perfect. Warm, sunny, bit of a breeze. Perfect weather for a June or August day, but rare in October. No one argued. For […]

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Could it be?

Could it be the Gods have shined upon us this year? I’m seeing sunny and mid-70’s….is this even possible? I’ll take it! Hopefully you will too! Heading up tomorrow to start setting up. My 60hr week is finally over, and my vacation begins in earnest tomorrow morning. Apples, tarps, tents, canopi (plural for canopy, right?) […]

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A place to park your butt

If you have a few extra chairs, please bring them. We’ll have some seating, and I’m sure my chair will be vacant and available most of the time, but bring what you can spare. Long term forecast looks good for the days leading up to the party, and maybe even a day afterwards. Looks like […]

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