New Hotness, Old & Busted

We’ll see if the new movie lives up to what previews are showing. I’m hopeful. New apple grinder, in it’s pre-painted nakedness. Needs some serious sandblasting and then coated. And a stand. And motor with pulley. And a belt. And some apples. But still, I’m hopeful. Next up? I’m considering a PTO driven grinder, crusher, […]

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And so it starts. 2 gallons of last years brew, 1.5 cups of honey in one, ‘plain’ ol’ cider in the other. 2 grams ale yeast in each. 1/2 teaspoon of pectin to clear out the cloudiness, and 1 teaspoon of yeast nutrients to make sure the little bugs get their RDA of ‘stuff’ to […]

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Brewing Happiness

40ish bottles of beer on the wall… Actually in cases, on the floor, but you get my drift. 2X bottles of a heavy black Irish Stout. 10 primed using honey, the remainder using the priming sugar. We’re gonna call it “Dirty Soxx Stout” Still working on the label, but…. 2X bottles of a very rich […]

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Cherry Tree Cider Company? Cherry Tree Hard Cider Company? Drunken Apple Hard Cider? Shitfaced Cider Company? Dude, Where’s My Car… Hard Cider Company? Or not. We’ll see. It’ll be fun getting there.  

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